LED lighting Manufacturer

       Wei Chuan Feng recruits LED professionals to set up a technology team. We integrate upstream and downstream firms’ experiences of LED products, from design to development and customization services to offer customers our LED lighting.

       To meet energy saving and carbon reduction, LED lighting has been gradually around public life and universal. To combine and integrate mature lighting technology with Wei Chuan Feng professional in order to achieve the energy saving and the best illumination of LED lighting.

Future Perspectives.
       Wei Chuan Feng services customers based on a sincerity-hearted spirit for actively developing new processes and continuously maintaining group cooperation, so that competitive products can be produced in all aspects including quality, price, service and delivery, with the expectation of gaining recognition of the industry and jointly accomplishing an everlasting business with customers.

Services: LED lamps, LED bulbs, customization lighting, general lighting, emergency lighting, night illumination design, electronic parts.